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Steel Solucio largest sheet pile supplier provides highest quality products, directly to our customers in a timely, safe and reliable manner.

Design & Engineering

  • • Basic Engineering.
  • • Geotechnical Analysis.
  • • Construction Methodology.
  • • Piling Handbook.
  • • Tender Document.
  • • Drawing.

Trench Sheet

Offer a comprehensive range of cold formed lapped trench sheet/sheets and interlocking light pile sections to provide a cost effective solution for most excavation support applications.

Many of the sections are produced from high yield steel which provides an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio resulting excellent durability whilst driving and resistance to on-site damage.

Anchoring System & Marine Tie-Rod

Sheet pile walls can be strengthened/hardened using horizontal tie rods or round steel tie bars to connect to deadman anchorages allowing taller quay walls for port facilities or abutments.

Steel Tubular Pile

Steel tubular piles/steel sheet piles are often used for foundations for bridges, buildings and scaffolding, as well as making an essential part of fenders or combi-walls.

Fabrication of Speciality Steel Foundation Solution

Steel pipe piles and steel pipe sheet piles are widely used in ports/harbors, urban civil engineering, bridges, and other applications, along with widening their applications due to enlargement of the structures sizes, growth of water depth for the structures and increase in construction work at sites.

Anti Corrosive Protective Coating

With acomprehensive range of trusted anti-corrosive coatings for new construction and maintenance, we can provide a reliable anti-corrosive system.

Structural Steel Strutting & Bracing System

Braced frames are a very common form of construction.

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